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A writer, editor, columnist, and public speaker from Brooklyn, NY. His upcoming graphic novel “MPLS SOUND” featuring Prince debuts April 2021.


  • Jason Maynard

    Jason Maynard

    Aspiring novelist, experimental medium writer. Love life, wife, & my kids — plus those lovely hands, too. The more claps, the better for others to find me!

  • Syr-Ivan Bennett

    Syr-Ivan Bennett

  • Troy Freund

    Troy Freund

  • Richard C. Hernandez

    Richard C. Hernandez

    Empathetic Leader | Strategic Marketer | Pop Culture Fan | Exploring my cultural and personal identity to influence how I approach business and creativity.

  • Philipp Winkler

    Philipp Winkler

    Full-time writer of award-winning novels and prose. Enthusiast of stories - no matter the medium. Comic Book- & Manga-Collector. Fan of the Baltimore Ravens.

  • Thaddeus Howze

    Thaddeus Howze

    Author | Editor | Futurist | Activist | |

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